Measurement of eyeballs & key traffic statistics will help OOH grow

Measurement of eyeballs & key traffic statistics will help OOH grow

Author | Priyanka Nair | Monday, Apr 01,2013 8:08 PM

Measurement of eyeballs & key traffic statistics will help OOH grow

The dot com fever is back. In 2012, the dot com sector created significant outdoor visibility across the country. OLX is one such portal that has smartly used outdoor over the last 12 months.

exchange4media spoke to Amarjit Batra, Country Head, OLX India to understand his expectations from outdoor and more...

The OOH industry is labelled as unstructured. Please share your opinion. Where does outdoor fit in your media plans?
Most of the brands advertising on a large scale today expect that their media plan provides them the maximum RoI per marketing rupee spent. It is a conscious decision from most brands to do integrated campaigns to target audiences they cannot reach out through only mass media. One such platform being used is outdoor and OLX banks on it in a big way.

The outdoor industry has its own challenges in the form of measurability and clutter. Also, there is no fixed pricing prevalent in the market. Even with all the pitfalls and the negatives, outdoor advertising is one of the important media to extend the reach of a particular campaign. However, it cannot be a sole media for advertising. It can definitely act as a good support media to extend the brand message locally.

With smart selection of locations and a good creative, a decent spread and visibility can be ensured for a campaign. OLX has done multiple campaigns on outdoor media now and we believe that the best way to advertise on this media is to go for large-size formats that create impact and be present in the important locations of the city rather than buying sites randomly.

So the above mentioned ‘smart planning’ should be the ground rule while designing an outdoor campaign...
Definitely, locations play a crucial role in the success of any campaign. It would be a good exercise to physically examine all the sites before finalising the media plan. The viewing angle, size of the site, distance from the moving traffic, height and location need to be balanced out. Creatives have to be with minimal copy and visual elements should be striking. If possible, innovations should then be planned out in the most important and impactful locations so that people don’t miss out on the brand in any way.

What are the changes that you would want to see in the outdoor industry that will help retain brands’ trust in this medium of communication?
Measurement of eyeballs and key traffic statistics are something that should be calculated for major cities. It helps in simplifying the decisions for selecting a particular location. Also, there are problems with monitoring a particular site for adequate lighting and also ensuring that the site is authorized by the governing bodies.

Lack of such information at the vendor’s as well as agency’s end might lead to some shortlisted sites being unauthorised or where the lighting is not ample, which a loss of visibility for the brand. There should be a central body regulating and monitoring the locations where outdoor media is setup and ensuring that adequate information is available for the pricing and traffic movement pertaining to that location.

The outdoor industry doesn’t have a common currency. As a spender, how much does this worry you?
This is the only sector governed by local/non-corporate players. This results in problems in scaling up, less trust and multiple conversations. Corporatisation of this sector needs to happen for this medium to grow/become better. Also, there needs to be a common pricing for all advertisers. This would really establish the outdoor industry as a relatively clean and transparent media for advertising.

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