Lintas IMAG’s Aaren Initiative executes innovative outdoor ad for UTI

Lintas IMAG’s Aaren Initiative executes innovative outdoor ad for UTI

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Tuesday, Jun 27,2006 8:57 AM

Lintas IMAG’s Aaren Initiative executes innovative outdoor ad for UTI

Aaren Initiative, Lintas IMAG’s OOH arm, recently conceptualised and created an eye catching innovation for its client Unit Trust of India (UTI) through mobile vans, billboards, bus shelters and gantries across Mumbai. This real-to-life work successfully rose above the clutter and effectively brought out UTI Spreadfund’s qualities of being beneficial for the investor when the market is bullish or even bearish.

UTI Spreadfund, through its expertise, safeguards the investor against the vagaries of the stock market. Spreadfund Investor’s idea is that investors should benefit in both bullish and bearish markets.

To innovatively communicate the fluctuations of the stock market, Aaren Initiative created the ad by putting up a see-saw connected to a motor to facilitate the movement. The see-saw had a bull and a bear on either end, with an investor sitting comfortably in the middle.

K Madhava Kumar, Chief Marketing Officer, UTI, said, “This concept has been very effectively communicated by Aaren Initiative with the help of this innovation – the see-saw with a bull and a bear sitting on either side representing the volatile market and the informed investor sitting in the middle remaining unaffected by the ups and downs of the market. We are happy with this visual depiction of our product.”

Ashish Bhasin, Managing Director, Aaren Initiative, said, “At Aaren Initiative, we feel very encouraged when innovations like this are successful. It is the vision of a client like UTI which enables us to carry out such path breaking work, which can raise the standard of the outdoor industry in India.”

Vivek Lakhwara, President, Aaren Initiative, added here, “The idea behind this outdoor ad was that UTI Spreadfund investors will not be badly affected, irrespective of the market’s performance.”

Lakhwara further said, “We are committed to offer our clients the best OOH solutions through scientific media planning based on Aaren Initiative Planning Tool (AIPT). The AIPT is an internal planning tool based on nine parameters such as site location, placement, clutter level, hoarding size, etc. We conduct this research to understand the best way, time, placement and effectiveness of an outdoor ad.”

According to Lakhwara, this did away with subjectivity and added credibility to Aaren Initiative’s work. Aaren Initiative also provides online monitoring of campaigns across India.

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