Laqshya’s OOH innovation for Star Ananda’s poll campaign

Laqshya’s OOH innovation for Star Ananda’s poll campaign

Author | Tasneem Limbdiwala | Wednesday, May 11,2011 9:42 AM

Laqshya’s OOH innovation for Star Ananda’s poll campaign

Laqshya OMI has initiated an election specific OOH campaign for Bengali channel Star Ananda for the Kolkata market. The campaign, which kicked off on May 1, 2011, was for a period of 10 days.

Speaking on the campaign and the concept, Atul Shrivastava, COO, Laqshya Media, said, “Laqshya Media has been privileged to promote Star News’ Election special programmes like ‘Kaun Banega Mukhya Mantri’ and so on in the past. Widespread campaign was offered to them in the past. This time again the occasion was special for a sensitive client like Star News, however, the focus was more on creativity rather than spread. We did brain storming internally and came up with 7-8 innovations, which were shared with the client. The consensus came for the one which has been executed in Kolkata.”

He further said, “We are really happy that we could deliver what the client wanted. The innovation has helped create public awareness about on casting one’s vote and the response has been tremendous. We look forward to do many more worthwhile campaigns for the client.”

The unique feature of the campaign involved a real time hand impression implying a voting hand. The campaign covered three unipoles in the Kolkata market, titled ‘Lal Badi Ladai’.

Indrajit Sen, CEO, Laqshya Media, added here, “Campaigns based on elections have been carried out previously by various brands, but nothing to match the impact that has been created with just three sites – this only emphasises the power of great ideation and execution of the innovation.”

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