Kolkata Metro Railway invites bids for display of ads on coaches

Kolkata Metro Railway invites bids for display of ads on coaches

Author | Pallavi Goorha Kashyup | Saturday, Oct 09,2010 7:53 AM

Kolkata Metro Railway invites bids for display of ads on coaches

The Kolkata Metro Railway has invited bids for installation, maintenance and display of ads inside and outside of coaches, including in front of the ‘front cab’ and ‘rear cab’ of 17 rakes. Each rake consists of eight coaches, one ‘front cab’ and one ‘rear cab’. The ad rights are being offered for a total display area of 255,216 sq. inch. The contract shall be awarded for a period of three years, which is extendable for a further period of two years on a year to year basis. The reserve price for the first year has been kept as Rs 31,058,168.

To be eligible for the contract, the applicants should be a bonafide person, firm or company having adequate experience, capacity and reputation for this project. The applicants should have a minimum experience of two years in the field of commercial advertising within or outside the railways.

Applicants should have a minimum annual turnover equivalent to 50 per cent of the first year’s reserve price. Documentary proof to this effect will have to be submitted along with the bid.

Applicants shall be required to furnish the earnest money deposit (EMD) of Rs 305,300 either in cash or through a demand draft, pay order or banker’s cheque.

The EMD in cash will have to be deposited with the FA & CAO (cash & pay), Metro Rail Bhavan, Metro Railway, 33/1, JL Nehru Road, first floor, Kolkata -71, creditable to head of allocation: 000845-28. The original money receipt will have to be enclosed with the tender documents.

The pay order, banker’s cheque or demand draft should be made in favour of the Financial Advisor & Chief Accounts Officer, Metro Railway, Kolkata, payable at Kolkata.

Tender documents can be obtained from the office of the Chief Operations Manager, Metro Rail Bhavan, 7th floor, 33/1, JL Nehru Road, Kolkata-71 till October 21, 2010, between 11 am and 1 pm on working days, upon production of receipt of payment of Rs 10,000, payable in cash to the divisional cashier, Metro Railway, Kolkata (1st floor, Metro Rail Bhavan, 33/1, JL Nehru Road, Kolkata) creditable to Head of Allocation: 93652.99, towards the tender document cost.

Tender documents can also be downloaded from the website. If the documents are downloaded from the website, the payment towards the cost of the documents will have to be made in the form of banker’s cheque, pay order or demand draft favouring FA & CAO, Metro Railway, Kolkata during the time of submission of tender documents.

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