Kinetic Worldwide launches social media analytics tool for OOH campaigns

Kinetic Worldwide launches social media analytics tool for OOH campaigns

Author | exchange4media News Service | Friday, Feb 26,2016 4:58 PM

Kinetic Worldwide launches social media analytics tool for OOH campaigns

Kinetic Worldwide has announced the launch of 'Social Amplification Score’ (SAS) powered by FUEL Intelligence, an analytics and technology specialist, the world’s first measurement tool that allows brands to attribute consumer's social media interactions directly to an out of home media spend.

 Formed by a set of propriety algorithms and software, SAS analyzes social media data across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr – identifying which social post are directly attributable to OOH campaigns. Through SAS an OOH campaign’s earned social media reach and awareness is now quantifiable.

 “This tool was developed in response to a real need we identified from our clients and account services teams,” says Paula Fernandez, Kinetic’s Global Head of Data, Tools, and Analytics. “We saw some of our campaigns generating an incredible response on social media, earning huge numbers of additional impressions.  We were being asked how to value this amplification, but no tool existed to do so—so we built one—so we partnered with FUEL Intelligence to build one.”

 FUEL Intelligence CEO Marc Maley comments, “We are delighted to have aligned our services with Kinetic’s to deliver an innovative OOH measurement product that bridges the physical and digital worlds.”

 Previous attempts to measure the social impact of OOH required the use of campaign-specific hashtags—an approach that failed to capture the majority of social sharing.  In a significant advancement, SAS can be utilized without the need of any hashtag or additional audience action.

The tool also evaluates the “opportunity to see” on social, an analysis of posters’ followers, creating a more robust capture of OOH impressions on social than ever previously possible.  “By providing a more comprehensive picture of the reach of OOH campaigns, SAS enables marketers to better understand the impact of their campaign spend,” notes David Krupp, CEO of Kinetic North America.  “It’s a major advance in evaluating OOH campaign ROI.”

SAS data provides valuable campaign optimization opportunities by delivering a wealth of insight into which creative, media sites, and formats are sparking the most social activity.  With aggregated and anonymized data on each social poster’s demographics and interests; SAS is a vital campaign optimization tool.

 “I see SAS as one piece of a larger puzzle Kinetic is solving,” says Mauricio Sabogal, Kinetic’s Global CEO.  “We want to understand and measure how all the media that reach moving audiences interact, so we can leverage those synergies to create more effective campaigns.  This is a big step forward towards that goal.”

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