IOAA proposes standing committee on OOH developments for Mumbai

IOAA proposes standing committee on OOH developments for Mumbai

Author | Jagadeesh Krishnamurthy | Wednesday, Oct 31,2007 7:48 AM

IOAA proposes standing committee on OOH developments for Mumbai

The Indian Outdoor Advertising Association (IOAA) has proposed the formation of a standing committee on OOH development for Mumbai, in a recent presentation to the Municipal Commissioner and the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM). IOAA has also presented an eight-staged proposal for a broad plan for Mumbai’s beautification in sync with outdoor advertisements.

As is known, IOAA was formed in September this year by some of the larger OOH companies in the country. Founding member companies of the body include Selvel Advertising, Jagran Engage, Times Innovative Media Ltd, Clear Channel, Prakash Arts and Laqshya Media, and the association has been registered as a ‘not-for-profit’ company. Noomi Mehta and Indrajit Sen are Chairman and Vice Chairman of IOAA, respectively.

Some of the broad steps proposed include sharing infrastructural developments of Mumbai by MCGM for the next five or 10 years so that IOAA can invest time and money to survey and bring up options regarding such developments, and present a broad plan for OOH advertising with these aspects in mind. Following an agreement in principle from all concerning parties – IOAA, MCGM and a citizens’ group – to the broad plan, ratification and support will be taken from the OOH industry as well.

IOAA will also propose names for a standing committee on OOH development, which will comprise 50 per cent representatives from the OOH industry, and rest equally split among authorities and Mumbai residents. Recommendations from the standing committee have been proposed by IOAA, to be implemented in the city within 30 days.

“Till the standing committee takes over, status quo should be maintained. And it is better to conduct an in-depth study and research, and then bring in change so that it is accepted and works out,” cited the presentation by IOAA.

Observing that the proposed restrictions on sizes of billboards are not logically sound, IOAA has also asked for determining size of displays to be examined in relation to the height and its deflection. Concluding the presentation, IOAA has called for a proposal to survey the city, research the options and study the impact.

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