Integrid Media to expand in OOH advertising activation space, to build own portals

Integrid Media to expand in OOH advertising activation space, to build own portals

Author | Pallavi Goorha | Wednesday, Jan 16,2008 7:29 AM

Integrid Media to expand in OOH advertising activation space, to build own portals

Mumbai-based Integrid Media has chalked out aggressive plans to expand in the OOH advertising activation space by the middle of 2008. Integrid Media, which is headed by former COO of UTV and serial entrepreneur Anil Mishra, has received $10 million private equity and also entered into some exclusive and strategic tie-ups with Jet Airways and MediosOne. Global Internet advertising network provider MediosOne, part of the Ybrant family, has also entered into a strategic alliance with Integrid Media. The alliance will place Integrid Media as the exclusive representative of MediosOne in India.

Sanjay Dhar, COO, Integrid Media, said, “We will be launching our own content destinations (portals) in the Internet space in 20 days’ time.” He, however, refused to divulge further information in this regard.

Elaborating on the exclusive tie-up with Jet Airways, Dhar said, “The company is now offering customised advertising packages on Jet In-flight Entertainment that are designed to ensure that a product gets undivided attention. Jet Airways is the only airline in India to have audio-video on demand on its award-winning in-flight entertainment, JetScreen.”

He added, “Integrid Media has recently got the Airtel account for its theatre advertising in Andhra Pradesh. The other major clients that we have in the theatre space include Godrej, Pepsi, Cavin Care, and Idea. We will also offer creatives in the theatre ad campaign. Integrid Media has exclusive rights for approximately 800 theaters in Andhra Pradesh. We have a monopolistic position in nearly 30 per cent of the towns in Andhra Pradesh and are looking to strengthening our position in other key cities of the state.”

Dhar explained that in-cinema advertising was very cost effective when compared to mass media, and that the ROI was significantly higher due to the fact that clutter level of advertisers was very low, the environment was captive and the viewer did not have access to a remote control.

“In fact, in Andhra Pradesh particularly, the effective reach of cinema is comparable to that of any mass media because of the strong and thriving regional movie industry and the very high fan following for the medium in the state. Moreover, Andhra Pradesh has the largest number of cinema halls in the country as well as has the highest revenue generating film market in India after Bollywood. It has got the highest theatre occupancy ratio across the country, approximately 50 per cent to 70 per cent,” Dhar pointed out.

“Integrid Media intends to provide value addition and integration amongst various media vehicles in the same environment to clients for them to derive maximum mileage out of an advertising opportunity. In case of the cinema advertising model, it is not only on screen advertising but also outdoor media in the form of signages inside and outside the cinema hall premises, and activation by way of contests, interactive kiosks, etc., that would be available, giving a brand the opportunity to immerse all the visitors to the cinema hall in a 360-degree brand experience,” he added.

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