Idea Cellular goes far with 141 Wall Street’s OOH innovations

Idea Cellular goes far with 141 Wall Street’s OOH innovations

Author | Tuhina Anand | Tuesday, Aug 12,2008 8:36 AM

Idea Cellular goes far with 141 Wall Street’s OOH innovations

In an age of media excess, there is a need to come up with groundbreaking ideas for marketers to get their brands noticed. With consumers spending increasingly more time out of home, this medium becomes relevant to reach the target audience in an engaging manner. Keeping this in mind, Idea Cellular has come up with innovative outdoor for its ‘Education for All’ campaign.

141 Wall Street, the OOH arm of Bates 141, has come up with engaging creatives in the outdoor space for its client Idea Cellular. The task in hand was to execute an impactful creative idea that simultaneously brought alive the basic brand promise of ‘What an Idea!’ too.

While being simple and sticking to the brand message, 141 Wall Street also ensured that the innovations surprised the TG in the most humane way. So, the team converted an existing hoarding pole into a pencil, which added life to the regular creative and ensured delivery of the brand story in an interesting manner.

Talking about the innovation, Praveen Wadhera, Country Head, OOH Services, 141 Wall Street, said, “We wanted to go beyond conventional OOH advertising, and hence, decided to use the primary symbol of schools such as pencils, and converted the pillars into them while the hoardings became slates. Idea’s brand ambassador Abhishek Bachchan, who heralds the ‘Education for All’ idea, is also a part of these hoardings.”

The creative uses pencil and school bags as larger than life visual elements, which help in strategically extending the mass media communication in the OOH space. There are nearly 12 sites across the country that have implemented these ideas in four circles – Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Delhi. The Maharashtra circle also saw the innovative usage of actual school bags for communicating the same message of ‘Education for All’.

Wadhera added, “The outdoor was done for visual continuum and create a synergy between the TVCs and the OOH. These outdoors are not to be seen in isolation, but as extension of what one has seen on television.”

The Gujarat circle saw another innovative use of the outdoor medium, wherein 141 Wall Street got the challenge of promoting Idea Cellular’s value added service (VAS) – Idea Music Station – amongst the youth. The streets in the vicinity of youth hangouts such as colleges saw the use of rotating CD cut-outs mounted on the billboards and bus shelters to generate the required buzz for the brand and communicate with youth.

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