HT Mumbai unleashes second phase of outdoor campaign

HT Mumbai unleashes second phase of outdoor campaign

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Monday, Oct 17,2005 7:38 AM

HT Mumbai unleashes second phase of outdoor campaign

Following DNA’s next campaign phase around the various pull outs from the paper, and Mumbai Mirror going to town with weekend magazine ‘Buzz’, it is now Hindustan Times’ (HT) turn to offer a new set of communications to its readers. The publication’s officials explained that following the awareness campaign during the launch stage, this campaign was for reinforcing the fact that HT was a differentiated brand in the morning daily space.

The campaign has been on for a week and is expected to continue for days to come. In the new campaign, HT has played up the editorial quality and various facets of the paper, continuing with the theme ‘See Mumbai in a New Light’ with taglines like ‘See Style in a new light’ and so on. The campaign is being carried in outdoors and print currently.

HT’s Marketing Head, Sonu Grover, explained that the momentum would only pick up from here. A point about HT’s advertising is that the paper hasn’t gone to town like other papers are currently doing.

Explaining the rationale behind this, Grover said, “What we have in our favour is that we have a differentiated product that is already established with our readers. We don’t have to establish a brand from scratch or protect our turf, so we don’t have to do anything more than what we are doing. More importantly, we are seen with the right readers.”

The officials are confident about the product making its mark in the Mumbai market. Grover expressed, “As you can see in surveys like IRS and NRS, we are the undisputed leaders in Delhi already and in Mumbai, we already have a half a million readers.”

“This campaign reinforces that HT is the most refreshing option for the discerning Mumbai readers to embrace the new and shed the old,” Grover said.

The print war is raging in the city and non-stop action from all players is adding colour to the scene. Talent is exchanging hands and on-ground realities continue to be just as threatening. Road next for each is proving to be an interesting area to watch out for.

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