Heineken persuades travellers to change plans at the drop of a hat

Heineken persuades travellers to change plans at the drop of a hat

Author | Priyanka Nair | Monday, Jul 22,2013 8:29 AM

Heineken persuades travellers to change plans at the drop of a hat

Would you be willing to abandon your flight plans to take a free trip to a mysterious location? Sounds crazy, isn’t it? In its latest marketing stunt, early last week Heineken asked travellers at JFK’s Terminal 8 to take a leap of faith and press a button on a specially-designed departure roulette board, which would assign them a new destination at random — effective immediately!

The catch
Travellers didn’t get to choose a destination and they had to depart right at that moment. Calling it ‘Departure Roulette’, Heineken officials spent the week at JFK looking for adventurous souls willing to cancel their planned itineraries for the chance to jet off to an unknown destination. Travellers who were willing to take their chances had to hit a button on a game-show style board which revealed the destination they would be heading to.

To watch the campaign, view video

The marketing stunt was designed to promote Heineken ‘Dropped’ campaign, an online series in which four men are sent to remote destinations around the world and the challenges they face when they arrive are filmed.

To watch the campaign, view video

What we like about the campaign?
The choice of the location: The airport space has been interestingly used by brands over the last one year globally. This campaign wouldn’t have given that punch if it was executed at any other location. At the end of the day, it is not just the way a brand connects with its potential consumers, but where it targets that makes the difference.

Integration of media in the communication plan: As mentioned, this experiential campaign was an attempt to promote its online initiative ‘Dropped’. Taking an online campaign offline and spreading the success of the brand communication online, worked very well for Heineken. The YouTube video has got over 1,144,079 views in the last two days and has been widely shared over various social platforms.

Perfect concept: It is very important for a brand to roll out marketing initiatives with what is proposes to be as a brand. Heineken kept the adventure theme throughout its communication. In fact, on each platform that it targeted, the level of adventure just kept going up.

Bring such adventurous, spontaneous and completely out-of-the-box activities to India soon!

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