Golden rules for creating a great OOH campaign

Golden rules for creating a great OOH campaign

Author | Priyanka Nair | Wednesday, Dec 05,2012 7:49 PM

Golden rules for creating a great OOH campaign

A great outdoor creative can have significant impact on a brand and add recall value as well. No matter which media formats brands opt for creative display, in outdoors only eye catchy elements can help the campaign become the talk of the town.

Ogilvy & Mather is an agency that has been successful in showcasing great outdoor displays, be it Vodafone’s ZooZoos at airports or Titan Eye’s small town outdoor strategy. To decode and understand the nuances that go behind good outdoor campaign display, Rajiv Rao, National Creative Director, Ogilvy & Mather, shares the golden rules that make a great outdoor campaign.

Keep it simple
Creatively brands need to understand that on outdoors there has to be minimalist elements. Sometimes brands display visuals that are arresting, but the copy takes the entire visual down. One line, one logo and appealing visuals make for a perfect outdoor creative. Brands can thereby experiment with these ‘must have’ elements as per their promotional objectives.

Explore the ‘givens’
There are instances wherein brands use the same creative for print as well as outdoor mediums, which at times can be really a bad effort. This happens many a times due to budgetary reasons, but creative designers can always tweak the same creative to be visually attractive on life size mediums in the outdoor landscape.

It is already there – nurture it
Cities in India are cluttered today, as is the outdoor medium. There are so many things that go against the medium. Creative experts thereby need to understand the beauty of the outdoor landscape and put forward ideas that are friendly to the medium rather than force fitting elements that could harm the beauty of the media formats.

Harness technology
Along with great creative, location and media choice are also important while designing an outdoor campaign. With changing technology, outdoor can become a clutter-breaking force. From flat innovation, brands can adapt to technology to increase interactivity, to educate about the brands and create surprise elements. Technology will soon become an important element that will stand out to become a great partner in outdoors.

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