Get the shoes out to get customers in – Reebok’s mantra for Hexride

Get the shoes out to get customers in – Reebok’s mantra for Hexride

Author | Tuhina Anand | Friday, Apr 18,2008 8:24 AM

Get the shoes out to get customers in – Reebok’s mantra for Hexride

Given the media clutter in any given category, there is a constant need for out-of-the-box thinking to reach the consumers. And this is what OOH player 141 Wall Street (a division of Bates 141) has succeeded in doing for its client Reebok for the launch of new technology shoes, Hexride.

The OOH team has executed an actual shoe window on the back panel of the JCDecaux bus shelter at Barakhamba Road in New Delhi. It showcases 12 different shoes of the new Hexride collection. Live display of shoes at a bus stop is something one doesn’t get to see everyday and the panel is attracting a lot of curious eyeballs. There is also an accompanying vertical panel, which displays a shoe from the collection.

Mandeep Malhotra, Vice President, Out-of-Home, 141 Wall Street, explained the reason behind this innovative campaign. He said, “We were given a brief to get the customers close to the shoe. We felt that in today’s scenario of media clutter, the usual branding exercise will not drive traffic to the store. Hence, we decided to take the shoe out to get the customer in.”

He added, “The challenge was to get Government bodies to give us the approval and also to ensure that technically the display came out well. We were able to carry this off undoubtedly because of the support of the client and their being open minded to such a radical idea.”

Malhotra feels that this is a cost effective medium to reach to the consumers as they see an opportunity to reach to almost 2.5 lakh eyeballs daily on the busy Barakhamba Road through this display panel. The fabrication window cost around Rs 1.75 lakh. These opportunities are more engaging than ever before and would give a new definition to traditional OOH media formats.

He added, “This panel is strategically placed as it is said that any OOH should be close to the point of purchase to convert into sales. There are stores close to this panel and we are expecting to see rise in sales.”

The team is upbeat about the campaign and has plans to extend it to other places exploring other options like a jogger’s park, multiplexes and malls.

Reebok’s new technology shoes Hexride provides added cushioning and comfort to the feet while indulging in walking, running or jogging.

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