Future Media looks to increasing its number of stores to 250 by mid-2007

Future Media looks to increasing its number of stores to 250 by mid-2007

Author | Jagadeesh Krishnamurthy | Friday, Jan 05,2007 9:11 AM

Future Media looks to increasing its number of stores to 250 by mid-2007

Future Media, the media venture of Future Group, has been creating new media opportunities at the last point of contact for any advertiser – the stores. Future Group operates more than 150 stores spread across 4 million square feet of retail space in 32 cities giving the media agency a large area to sell media properties.

Partho Dasgupta, CEO, Future Media, said, “We have around 150-odd stores in nearly 30 cities and we are expecting to have around 250 stores spread across 60 cities within the next six months. We at Future Media are trying to monetise the high number of eyeballs and footfalls that come to our stores as this is essentially the last touch-point for brands to attract their prospective consumers.” He further said that even with advertisements through other mediums, the consumer decided on the brand only at the point-of-purchase.

Speaking about the media properties available with Future Media, Dasgupta said, “Any large brand requires huge amount of footprints and we are the only company that can give brands such large footprints. As malls are getting bigger and bigger in urban and semi-urban areas, we are also actively seeking all large mall developers to give us their media rights.”

“Our media properties, which we are providing now, include signage in various parts of the malls and the stores, ‘My World’ magazine and on the large screens placed inside the malls,” added Dasgupta. The group is also looking at developing in-store radio to be played inside the stores and malls as he felt that they could be a highly successful medium of advertisement.

“We will provide complete activation solutions for our clients. By that, I mean that we can provide all sorts of facilities for the brand to be noticed inside the mall or store,” Dasgupta further said.

Dasgupta called latest technologies like blue-casting the medium of future. He, however, said, “They are not our area of focus right now as they do not have the mass or numbers to support.”

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