Flexibility & creating possibilities key to selling OOH for brands: Ron Graham

Flexibility & creating possibilities key to selling OOH for brands: Ron Graham

Author | Abid Hasan | Friday, Mar 21,2014 8:49 AM

Flexibility & creating possibilities key to selling OOH for brands: Ron Graham

It’s a known fact that consumers are spending more time out of their home and the chances of seeing billboards and other mediums of out of home advertising is much more. With the world going digital at a fast pace, we are witnessing some outstanding creativity in out of home advertising.

Place and product plays a vital role when it comes to OOH advertising and sharing his thoughts on how important place is for advertising as also the next best opportunity, Ron Graham, Chief Consultant, Media on the Go noted, “Things are going to be much more fragmented and size of the content is going to be tiny in OOH as new dynamics will come into play.”

Graham shared that connecting all media for advertisement is a better idea – be it OOH, television or others.

OOH includes everything that engages once you are out of home, and as technology is developing – be it apps, gadgets, location tagging or demographic – it works as a helping hand for all the OOH advertising tools such as billboards. Mobile, digital and other location-based marketing can be a game changer.

Brands are getting influenced from the consumer behaviour such as tagging and notifications and they need to engage the consumer with the information of their locality. This demographic marketing will help the brand to get the feedback and enhance the product.

One of the other points that Graham highlighted was to target thelife pattern. He said, “We get influenced by consumer interest places and by linking with activities and motions. Give them an opportunity and engage consumer with use information about locality.”

He added, “Location and audience data collected and applied make the data accessible for searching and planning automated systems between sellers and buyers systems make OOH easier to sell and buy improve accountability and growth.”

Marketers need to understand the basics of targeting consumers, they cannot simply push to mobile or engage with any such app. Gathering of data and engagement is the first basic step in OOH.

Some of the factors that will sell OOH for any of the brands is to be more flexible and create possibilities. The more the technology improves, the higher will be the customer engagement, which will led to more attention and greater consideration.

Ron Graham was sharing his views on the topic ‘Place Based Media’s Next Opportunity’ at the fourth edition of exchange4media’sOOH Conference and Awards, held in Gurgaon on March 20, 2014.

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