Enhance on a roll after a year of operations

Enhance on a roll after a year of operations

Author | Jagadeesh Krishnamurthy | Monday, Jul 16,2007 9:19 AM

Enhance on a roll after a year of operations

Starcom MediaVest Group had announced their entry into the ambient assets and space productivity consulting for out-of-home (OOH) premise owners, with the launch of a new specialist unit called 'Enhance' in June last year. Kaushik Chakravorty, Country Head, Enhance, discusses some of the agency's work over the year and their plans ahead in this chat with exchange4media.

In the one year of its existence, Enhance has been trying to establish its firm hold in the space of 'Retail Branding'; 'Navigational Signage'; and, 'Ambient Media Assets', explained Chakravorty. With such an outlook, the agency has managed to attract clients such as Essar Retail's 'The Mobile Store', Dainik Jagran Group, Kansai Nerolac and Aircel, among others.

Observing that the need to have a connect with the other mediums used by the brand even at the last mile of promotion is necessary, Chakravorty said, “At this last point of connect with the consumer a brand has to make an impact before the consumer makes his decision. If he had come across other promotional activities from the brand earlier on other mediums, and he see a similar initiative here, then it creates a connect which may possibly benefit the brand.”

Speaking about the importance of optimum solutions for their clients, Chakravorty added, “We try and ensure that our clients as well as the retailers have a win-win situation at the end of the deal as a one-sided deal will not work the brand in the long-run.” He cited the examples of multi-brand retail stores where shopkeepers neglected the promotional materials after a certain period of time as they had no practical benefits from them. “It is vital to provide practical benefit to the retailer as it may help the longevity of usage of the material and thereby increase brand visibility,” he noted.

Talking about the need for clutter breaking initiatives in the OOH space, he pointed cited the agency’s work for Aircel. For the telecom operator, Enhance used LED screens mounted on top of the name-board of shops that were controlled by GSM networks, which could be updated to display messages in real-time. “This constant updation and adaptation helped the brand to send out their brand communication in the most quickest and effective manner,” explained Chakravorty.

“Tracking and measurement are issues that are plaguing the whole OOH industry,” he observed, adding, “But, if we look at the work which we do, it cannot be measured as we are in the business of providing an experience. Here, we are trying to give you ideas and thoughts which will provoke the experience of the consumer in such a manner that it will be positive for him. And therefore, chances are there that it will transform into an objective which we set out with.”

He further said, “Till today, we have not been able to crack the measurement of experience. Would you say sales is a measurement of experience; happy faces is a measurement of experience? No one knows. I am in the business of providing a positive experience of a brand to its consumer and I am restricting myself to that.”

With an eye on the growth in the technological front, he, too, believes that digital will be way to go in the OOH space in the coming years and that Enhance has been working on that front. Meanwhile, a lot more clutter breaking activity can be expected from the agency in the coming months.

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