Dove takes its ‘Beautiful Hair’ initiative on-ground

Dove takes its ‘Beautiful Hair’ initiative on-ground

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Tuesday, Sep 04,2007 9:44 AM

Dove takes its ‘Beautiful Hair’ initiative on-ground

A recent survey conducted by Dove online as well as through SMS stated that 81 per cent of women in India were not too happy with their hair. This survey was done as part of Dove’s marketing initiative to support its foray into hair care. Dove is further taking this initiative forward with the inclusion of the on-ground medium in its media mix to reach out to real women. The on-ground initiative is called ‘Beautiful Hair’, wherein galleries are created in various malls to give consumers the experience of Dove hair products.

When asked more on the on-ground initiative, Harman Dhillon, Brand Manager, Dove Hair Care, said, “The consumers, in our case, primarily the female TG, is moving out of the houses more today. They are visiting malls frequently, shopping in malls, and just spending time there. Hence, we identified this as a point to create the relevant product experience for the consumers and to have our message present.”

“We are not just making ourselves visible but also engaging the consumers with this. We are asking her what she feels about her hair, trying to give her a better experience, and our survey on this shows that there is a significant quorum of Indian women who are not happy with their hair. We think Dove Hair Care has a role to play here,” added Dhillon.

For the survey, Dove received nearly 6,000 responses in seven days. While most of the women expressed dissatisfaction with the way their hair looked, damaged hair was cited as the topmost problem, followed by excessively dry hair.

Speaking on the survey, Dhillon stated, “This survey has helped us immensely in understanding what women feel about their hair. Dove Hair Care’s line of shampoos, conditioners and treatments work’s hard to protect and repair all types of hair be it long, short, curly and restore its beauty which is somewhere lost along the way. This transformation can help women feel more beautiful and confident.”

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