Digital Signage Networks brings interactivity to digital screens

Digital Signage Networks brings interactivity to digital screens

Author | Jagadeesh Krishnamurthy | Thursday, Feb 21,2008 6:35 AM

Digital Signage Networks brings interactivity to digital screens

Digital Signage Networks (DSN), an outdoor digital poster company, has brought some interactivity element to its digital screens on their networks by allowing consumers to communicate with the screens through their mobile phones.

Gaurang Shah, Founder & CEO, DSN, believes that convergence with mobile phones is the way forward for the medium, which according to him, would be around Rs 1,000 crore in the next 4-5 years.

Shah stressed that they were “very different from the general OOH players who position themselves as OOH television companies. We are a digital poster company that allows advertisers to use the medium with dynamic digital adverts. We go to a mall or restaurant with a specific purpose in our minds and do not wish to watch television there.”

Talking about the growth of the company since its launch in late 2006, Shah said, “In the initial stages, we targeted youth-centric spots like Café Coffee Day and McDonalds, but now we have broadened it to include more consumption spaces like Lifestyle, Vishal Mega Marts and even railway stations, where people are spending money.”

Noting the possibilities of changing the creatives and communication in real time, Shah believes that another key differentiator with DSN is that they “install screens to enhance the consumer experience”.

Speaking on the interactivity that DSN is bringing on to the medium, Shah cited the activity they had undertaken for a brand at Café Coffee Day outlets where customers could download content displayed on the screens via Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones. DSN also had an activity during Valentine’s Day, wherein the customer could send any picture and have it displayed on the screens installed at the store along with branded content.

Now, DSN is seeking to expand its horizon by converting static ‘street furniture’ to dynamic display mediums.

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