Clear Channel does OOH innovations for Sony Ericsson and LG

Clear Channel does OOH innovations for Sony Ericsson and LG

Author | Pallavi Goorha | Thursday, May 24,2007 9:22 AM

Clear Channel does OOH innovations for Sony Ericsson and LG

Out-of-home agency Clear Channel has done two innovations recently. The first innovation is that of Sony Ericsson and Reebok joining hands to bring out the ‘Ultimate Fitness Kit’. The second innovation is that of LG, which shows the power of LG’s Hi-Power vacuum cleaner.

The idea behind the innovation using Sony Ericsson and Reebok was to create an exiting formula for health conscious consumers to get into the habit of staying fit. Customers would be delighted to use the stylised and comfortable Foster running shoes and while enjoying music, will also be able to measure the distance travelled and count the calories burnt on the Sony Ericsson W710i Active Walkman phone.

Robin Carruthers, National Head India, Clear Channel, said, “Sony Ericsson’s brief for the innovation was to create interest and hype about the product, and the client wanted to create a larger-than-life image for the brand and an ‘innovation’ was the solution. This was an innovative idea conceived by Sony Ericsson’s marketing team.”

He further explained that VJ Anusha Dandekar was signed in for promoting the campaign. The execution was done at an open space in Mumbai’s Mahim Causeway. Two large cutouts of 20x8 feet were created, and the platform was raised four feet above the ground. The live treadmill was placed on the platform, and three professional female promoters were appointed for running in turns on the treadmill and demonstrating the W710 phone and Reebok Ultimate Fitness Gear Kit. In the non-peak time of the day, a mannequin was placed on the treadmill. Large cutout of the phone was also created to be made visible to the moving traffic.

Carruthers added, “The products were well noticed and many enquiries were generated on-ground. Radio Mirchi and CNN-IBN covered the promotion live.”

About the promotion for LG, Carruthers added, “The brief from LG and its agency Lowe was to do some innovation on one of the sites, showing the power of the product Hi-Power vacuum cleaner. We decided to hang a real vehicle at the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner, thus showing the power. After discussing about a lot of types of vehicles like rickshaw, bicycle, etc., we decided to go with real autorickshaw on a gantry, which should be in middle of road. We managed to get a gantry in Noida at high traffic zone near Rajnigandha Chowk. The auto was placed at a height of almost 30 feet.”

He further said, “During the installation, two cutouts were installed -- first for the pipe and second for the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner. With the help of pulley, the autorickshaw was pulled till the top and was placed exactly at the nozzle. With the help of the local police, the traffic was blocked for that duration. The entire traffic had stopped to see the autorickshaw being sucked at the top by vacuum cleaner at a height of almost 30 feet. The creative concept was inspired by Lowe and we executed it.”

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