C2E Technology Labs adapts in-tunnel technology for Delhi Metro

C2E Technology Labs adapts in-tunnel technology for Delhi Metro

Author | Pallavi Goorha | Monday, Dec 17,2007 6:50 AM

C2E Technology Labs adapts in-tunnel technology for Delhi Metro

Delhi Metro, the National Capital’s pride, offers some exciting opportunities to advertisers and marketers with the available space and a captive audience. C2E Technology Labs Pvt Ltd has come up with an innovative way of using static images in the Delhi Metro tunnels to give an illusion of ‘moving’ pictures.

C2E Technology Labs has been working for over two years now to adapt this ‘in-tunnel technology’, developed originally by Sub Media Inc, a US-based company, to suit the conditions in Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC). C2E is now the sole licensee to use the technology developed by Sub-Media.

Commenting on this new technology, A Rabindranath, CEO C2E Technology Labs, said, “The first ‘spot’ will consist of a 15-second film between the Chandni Chowk and Kashmere Gate section, ending as the train is approaching the Kashmere Gate station. This station has been chosen for its demographics, currently offering the highest daily ridership, with students, business travelers and professionals travelling to and from Connaught Place. The installation work has commenced and the first advertisement is expected to be launched in January 2008. We will have one advertisement running for 30 days.”

The technology involves an adaptation of the ‘flip book’. Thus, a giant ‘billboard’ has been created, which has images placed alongside. In a movie, the film moves past a shutter and is projected for a stationary audience, while in this technology, the audience moves past a stationary film, thus creating a high definition image. The eye begins to view animation when the images flash past at the rate of 16 frames per second or more. The frame rates in the in-tunnel ad are more than 10 times those of a television (about 200 to 300 frames per second as against 24-30 in a television), thus creating a very high definition image.

Rabindranath said, “C2E has been in touch with some of the leading advertisers from the country and have already secured advance booking for some slots. This technology is particularly suitable for any action-oriented films that cannot be show-cased in any other media but for television. With advertisers now looking for not just broadcasting their message, but also looking for recall of their message, this is an outstanding media.”

This particular line from Central Secretariat to Vishwa Vidyalaya has a ridership of over 3.5 lakh per day and growing, with over 15 per cent of the riders in the SEC category A1 and more than 33 per cent in the SEC A2 categories. It is the kind of audience that most advertisers spend a lot to reach out to.

Rabindra added, “We will be talking to various mall chains to do same kind of initiative in escalators. We will be doing this initiative in March 2008.”

For a city, like Delhi that does not have much outdoor advertising opportunities, the DMRC in-tunnel ads could be a great medium.

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