Building wraps & innovative billboards for WCCL’s Santoor

Building wraps & innovative billboards for WCCL’s Santoor

Author | Priyanka Nair | Monday, Oct 15,2012 8:25 PM

Building wraps & innovative billboards for WCCL’s Santoor

Santoor, the flagship sandalwood soap brand of Wipro Consumer Care and Lighting (WCCL), has recently rolled out a wide-spread outdoor campaign to create consumer awareness about its Glycerine range of soaps. The campaign is rolled out by DDB MudraMax in Mumbai, Pune and the whole of Karnataka for a period of one month.

The initiative is displayed using a mix of billboards, bus shelters, and some building wraps. The agency also executed some innovations like creating a glycerine soap on a billboard.

Commenting on the execution, Sonia Lal, AVP, DDB MudraMax said, “Santoor needed to focus attention on the Glycerine variant of its market leading soap. This meant we needed to create impact for the variant; however, having housewives as a primary target group (TG) meant that we also needed to ensure that the campaign reached across to residential areas, within the limited travel range of the TG.”

Talking about the OOH mix, Lal added, “This was done to ensure that in keeping with the campaign objectives, impact for the creative was created. At the same time, there was enough reach across the consumer segments.

It has been observed that off-late Santoor is effectively emphasising on outdoor as a medium in its marketing mix. Santoor internally carried out a study that showed a definite impact of the outdoor medium on consumer recall and hence, the decision of rolling out a wide-spread outdoor campaign was taken into consideration.

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