Billboard wars: Airline competitors compete with ads too

Billboard wars: Airline competitors compete with ads too

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Thursday, Apr 26,2007 9:24 AM

Billboard wars: Airline competitors compete with ads too

Kingfisher Airlines, known for its flamboyant honcho Dr Vijay Mallya, has come out with whacky creatives for its billboard at Cadbury Junction, Mumbai. Taking forward the airline war with competitor Jet Airways onto the streets literally, Kingfisher has taken a dig at the latter’s expense.

As the pictures depict, Kingfisher Airlines has a billboard just above a Jet Airways billboard at the junction. Recently, Jet Airways underwent a complete brand overhaul and used the billboard to communicate the same with a tagline “We’ve changed”, on April 20. Kingfisher Airlines, with help from its outdoor agency Portland India, managed to put up a new hoarding with a tagline that said, “We made them change!” to start the ‘billboard war’.

Jet Airways then put up another creative that read, “Take off to New York daily” on April 23. Taking the war of words forward, Kingfisher Airlines again changed its hoarding which stated, “They’ve flown from here to New York.”

Now, it’s left to see what Jet Airways have to say for this. For onlookers and passers-by, this is a nice distraction from the otherwise repetitive ads on the outdoor space. Kingfisher Airlines could not be reached for a comment in spite of repeated attempts. Keep watching this space for more, for such further additions, if any.

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