Billboard of the week: Renault’s clutter-free display

Billboard of the week: Renault’s clutter-free display

Author | Priyanka Nair | Thursday, Nov 29,2012 7:39 PM

Billboard of the week: Renault’s clutter-free display

The year 2012 has seen the launch of many sport utility vehicles (SUVs) in India. The Renault Duster range is one brand that has managed to create conversations around it. The automobile sector has shown special interest in outdoor advertising this year. We have seen a lot of marketing innovations from leading car brands.

This week, Paricher Tavaria, Programming Head, Radio Mirchi, Surat picks Renault Duster’ latest campaign as the billboard of the week.

Here is why Tavaria found the display impressive…

The billboard that caught my attention this week is...
Renault Duster’s clutter-free display

I spotted it… 
While travelling to Indore...I think it was near Palasia.

It stayed with me because…
The three impressive highlights of Renault Duster’s display were its colour tone, clutter-free natures and less word play. Brands should avoid using a crowded picture in their creatives. I can't stand to see hoardings with loads of sponsor names scribbled across. Brands should start thinking big and bring less words, less clutter and less noise onto the creatives. The mantra that brands should follow while planning an outdoor campaign is to ‘keep it simple simply’.

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