Billboard of the week: Installation of beloved toons by McDonald's

Billboard of the week: Installation of beloved toons by McDonald's

Author | Priyanka Nair | Thursday, Apr 11,2013 8:06 PM

Billboard of the week: Installation of beloved toons by McDonald's

McDonald’s introduced the first ‘Happy Meal’ offer in the US in 1979 as a marketing gimmick. Two years after Dick Brams, a St. Louis ad manager, came up with the idea and contracted the ad firm of Berstein-Rein to develop a prototype to market ‘Happy Meal’ in a big way.

The first ‘Happy Meal’ was circus-wagon-themed and came with the standard hamburger or cheeseburger option, as well as French fries, cookies, a soft drink and — of course — a toy, which was the biggest attraction. Upon opening their meal, kids got either a ‘McDoodler’ stencil, a ‘McWrist’ wallet, an ID bracelet, a puzzle lock, a spinning top or a McDonaldland character eraser.

Though the culinary options have basically remained the same over a few years, the toys have changed nearly every week. A big moment for the meal came in 1987 when the first ‘Disney Happy Meal’ debuted. Since then, Mickey Mouse, Cinderella, Aladdin, Simba, Nemo and all 101 dalmatians have made appearances.

McDonald’s India, following the same strategy, has generated a lot of sales attraction. It has adopted the outdoor media to announce the ‘Happy Meal’ offers in different ways. One interesting outdoor advertising campaign that caught our attention was the Looney Tunes installation in Mumbai.
The one month outdoor campaign was executed by Milestone Brandcom.

exchange4media’s unanimous pick for billboard of the week is McDonald’s campaign as it attracted our attention and gave out the campaign message clearly.

Here are two reasons why we think the McDonald’s campaign deserves a special mention...

Simple, yet attractive creatives
The outdoor formats have two strong elements – an attractive copy and a perfect visual to go with it. The idea of installing Looney Tunes characters with strong branding gave it an impressive look. The branding went along with it really well.

Strategic location
Location mapping is the most important thing that brands must keep in mind while rolling out an outdoor campaign. This particular installation was located at Mumbai’s prime location of Mahim where there is maximum traffic attention.

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