Billboard of the week: Fastrack’s king-size display

Billboard of the week: Fastrack’s king-size display

Author | Priyanka Nair | Thursday, Oct 04,2012 8:53 PM

Billboard of the week: Fastrack’s king-size display

An advantage of having an office location near the city’s prime outdoor advertising hub is that one will never miss out on any sensational out of home campaign. This week team exchange4media went hunting for the best outdoor display in the city of Mumbai.

Our unanimous pick is Fastrack’s larger than life actual watch display on a hoarding. This campaign was executed by Milestone Brandcom in Mumbai. Here is why we think Fastrack’s Chronograph initiative is an impressive outdoor advertising concept...

The billboard that caught our attention this week is...
Fastrack’s campaign for its Chronograph range of watches.

We spotted it at...
SV Road and Linking Road junction, Bandra.

It stayed with us because...
Simple concept, excellent execution and perfect location made this campaign stand out this week. Features of the watch such as Chrono 24 hour, Chrono stopwatch minute and Chrono stopwatch second were highlighted with a deep red needle giving the display a perfect contemporary look and feel that the actual product promises to give. One could even keep track of the time while forced to be the part of Mumbai’s slow traffic.


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