Billboard of the week: Amul’s tribute to Dr V Kurien

Billboard of the week: Amul’s tribute to Dr V Kurien

Author | Priyanka Nair | Thursday, Sep 13,2012 8:29 PM

Billboard of the week: Amul’s tribute to Dr V Kurien

One cannot help but notice large scale outdoor campaigns when on the move. While some hit the bull’s eye, some completely miss the mark. We see innovation, word play, humour, etc. being used to ensure brand recall. Few are so effective that they stay with us even after months. exchange4media, starting this week, has set out to highlight outdoor advertisements that have managed to catch the attention of the advertising fraternity.

In conversation with exhange4media, Ashwini Deshpande, Director, Elephant Design talks about the hoarding that impressed her this week.

The billboard that caught my attention this week is...
Amul’s ‘Hausla, Pragati and Anand’. The billboard is a tribute to Dr Verghese Kurien. As always, Amul’s billboard did not disappoint.

I spotted it at...
Karve Road, Pune. Pune has fairly narrow roads so when you are stuck in a jam, you don’t see billboards but the Amul hoardings always catch one’s attention.

It stayed with me because...
Amul did a piece despite the sad occasion. I liked it because it is black and white, keeping in mind the great loss. It used three Hindi words Hausla, Pragati and Anand – all three with earnest meaning and third one with a pun. In keeping with the true spirit of Amul girl, the pun was just right to put an appreciative smile. It kept the memory of Dr Kurien in a positive frame.

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