B2B firm taps advertising on highway food malls

B2B firm taps advertising on highway food malls

Author | Priyanka Nair | Friday, Feb 01,2013 6:30 PM

B2B firm taps advertising on highway food malls

Selling to a company is a different proposition from selling to a consumer. It is tricky and an avenue where not many B2B companies have been able to make significant impressions, especially in India. Healthcare Quality Systems (HQS), a consultancy firm that caters to hotels and healthcare organisations, is seeking to make its presence strategically through audio-visual medium.

It order to create awareness about its proposition to rural hospitals, HQS has rolled out an interesting audio-video campaign across 13 highway food malls in Maharashtra. The campaign will be active for six months across these spots. The objective of the campaign is to reach hospital owners operating at higher specialty levels and understand the potential to expand HQS services in other parts of Maharashtra and adjoining states. Vritti i-Media has executed the campaign.

Commenting the campaign initiative, Suresh Sovani, Chief Executive Officer, Healthcare Quality Systems (HQS) said, “With developed expressways, it is easier to travel from one city to another; junctions such as these highway food malls, therefore, are becoming very interesting mediums of communication to a lot of brands like ours, who have limited marketing budgets and a specific purpose. We launched the campaign as a test marketing exercise. With the prompt response that we got from the campaign, we have decided to continue with it for long-term.”

Campaign: http://www.vrittiuat.com/HQS.zip

The selected advertising locations include seven food malls on Mumbai-Pune highway, two on Pune-Nashik highway, and one each on Mumbai-Nashik highway, Nashik-Mumbai highway, Pune-Aurangabad and Pune-Satara highway.

The idea behind selecting a location such as highway food mall is due to these locations being frequently visited by a range of audiences that fit into HQR’s target profiles. The average time spent by a traveller at such food malls is 20-30 minutes, which according to HQR, is a good captive time to deliver its advertising messages.

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