AD’s World poised for robust growth, targets 300 per cent growth in 2006-07

AD’s World poised for robust growth, targets 300 per cent growth in 2006-07

Author | Sumita Patra | Monday, Sep 18,2006 8:39 AM

AD’s World poised for robust growth, targets 300 per cent growth in 2006-07

With 15 years’ experience in the industry, out of home advertising company AD’s World has come a long way and is now poised to grow even further. With a robust growth of around 120 per cent during 05-06, AD’s World is now aiming to grow around 300 per cent during 2006-07, informed its Founder and CEO, Ajay Dhawan.

The company currently has 10 offices in India and is now looking to add three more offices in Kanpur, Jaipur and Indore by the end of this financial year. “We are looking at 16 offices in India by the next financial year,” Dhawan said.

As far as the international market is concerned, the agency has offices in Dubai and Sharjah and is planning to set up offices in Singapore and Hong Kong as well.

AD’s World believes in providing complete solutions to the clients by focusing on three different parameters –last mile solutions, solutions at the last 100 metres, and solutions at the last metre.

The focus of using the last mile is to create awareness through umbrella branding on the skylines. The last 100 meters is used to create experiential visibility by reaching out to customers on a one to one basis through road shows and below the line activities. It creates an engaging and memorable interaction of the consumer with a brand. However, at the last metre, the company promotes advocacy by creating visual branding on the retail floor.

Known for introducing backlit sky balloons to India, AD’s World believes in using alternative media to showcase innovations, thereby providing complete solutions to its clients. Some of the recent innovations done by the company include the creation of a 20 feet dummy Kingfisher aircraft during the Hutch Marathon last year, the creation of a 50 foot diameter football for which the company earned a place in the Limca Book of Records.

Among the other things, the agency is currently focusing on pushing Air Deccan for branding, aiming to capture captive audiences inside the aircraft for a minimum of 1.5 hours with branding on luggage bins and tray tables as well as advertising on the belly of the aircraft. Dhawan said, “The basic intention is to give various advertisers a feeling of ownership of the aircraft so that they can harness the benefit of interacting with the passengers in a very silent way, passengers who have high disposable income, passengers who are decision makers, passengers who are opinion leaders and are part of the industry. The idea is to constantly oscillate between value for money offerings and money for value offerings.”

AD’s World, which was more like a vendor earlier, has over the past five years evolved into an agency and has to its credit of building successful relationships with its clients / partners, some of them being WorldSpace, Acer, the UB Group and Toshiba, among others.

Terming themselves as ‘a niche agency, which is for the classes and not for the masses’, Dhawan said, “We want to ensure that experiences shared by our customers are much more pleasant with every interaction. The idea is to brand the experience rather than experiencing the brand.”

Speaking on the vision, Dhawan said, “The vision is very simple – to institutionalise the processes of outdoor advertising so that we are also looked upon more as an institution rather than as a company.”

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