‘The important model for the future is to position OOH media as a likeable platform’

‘The important model for the future is to position OOH media as a likeable platform’

Author | Nitin Sharma | Monday, Aug 11,2008 9:01 AM

‘The important model for the future is to position OOH media as a likeable platform’

Mumbai recently played host to well-known media strategist Daniela Krautsack, who addressed a distinguished gathering comprising OOH practitioners and the advertising fraternity at the Non Traditional Media Summit. The Summit was organised by the International Advertising Association in Mumbai on August 8.

Krautsack is also the Managing Director of Cows in Jackets, an Austria-based advertising and media consultancy agency in Austria engaged in conceptualizing unconventional strategies utilising non-traditional campaigns and ambient marketing as ways to interact with the consumer.

Portraying today's global media trends and visions with a critical eye on their creation, their degree of popularity and their lifespan, Krautsack said, “When I observe the mood and listen to the opinions of people who share their thoughts about the 'media' world we live in, I notice that they appreciate the increased opportunity to express themselves, but they are also aware of being monitored. This place can be visualised as a ‘panopticon’, where ambient media has to be tailored to the ambience and not copied.”

Speaking on the third place marketing and creativity, she said, “Third place are landmarks with a core attraction of such extraordinary extent that seeing them is an absolute must, thus talk-of-town organically develops. Third places can be museums, wide open spaces, but also supermarkets and shopping malls. They come to life with light, video projections and special installations. These venues feature an emotionally charged ambience and for which there is no admission fee. Without creativity, I dare to say, a third place doesn't exist. Creativity is one of the cornerstones of the third place foundation. And OOH media logically benefits from the strength of such an eye-catching place.”

About the scope of ambient media in India and the challenges ahead, she said, “According to my own observation, in India the potential for ambient media is considerable. The biggest challenge for India is not the lack of investment or funds – it is about finding clever solutions to scale ideas across India and the increase execution opportunities outside main metropolises.”

“We are challenged to create OOH media not only in a more visually attractive way but also in one that is considered as a ‘useful’ platform again, for example, as an information platform that hopefully focuses on core images and incorporates technological measures (for example, code technology) to allow information to be picked-up when needed. The important model for the future is to position OOH media as ‘a likeable platform’ that interacts with the life of city inhabitants; media to stimulate opinions and thoughts, to inform and to entertain,” Krautsack added.

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