‘Indian outdoor to be first in Asia Pacific to have Dynamic Image Display technology’

‘Indian outdoor to be first in Asia Pacific to have Dynamic Image Display technology’

Author | Asit Ranjan Mishra | Thursday, Aug 10,2006 8:06 AM

‘Indian outdoor to be first in Asia Pacific to have Dynamic Image Display technology’

EFI, a US-based outdoor printing solutions major, will soon be bringing Dynamic Image Display to India through which multiple advertisements could be exhibited from different angles. “India will be the first country in Asia Pacific where this technology will be used,” said Gary Wu, Sales Director, EFI-Vutek Asia Pacific.

“The Indian outdoor industry has grown from static display to light boxes. Dynamic Image Display is the next generation solution for the outdoor industry,” Craig Saphin, Senior Director, EFI Asia Pacific, said.

“When advertisers are fighting for the same physical space and advertising bandwidth, this type of more imaginative advertising will help the outdoor industry in a big way,” he added.

Given the retail revolution happening in India, EFI is sensing a big opportunity. “With new big shopping malls and retail shops coming, indoor advertising is also a growing segment on which we are focusing. With state-of-the-art airports in the process, indoor advertising will be big in India in coming days,” said Wu.

The 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi also presents a big opportunity for the outdoor industry in India. “Though we have not evaluated the opportunity in revenue terms, but we did substantial business during Melbourne Commonwealth Games,” Wu said.

EFI also provides proofing solutions. “Xerox and Canon are our proofing customers. Global brands like Motorola, Nokia, Coca-Cola, etc., also use our solutions to maintain the accuracy of their logos in outdoor advertisements,” Wu said.

Commenting on the peculiarity of Indian outdoors, Saphin said, “Indian customers are very fussy about quality. We work at the premium segment. Hence, though our solutions are expensive, they use it for the value that they get from it. The market is moving along very quickly. The outdoor industry here is open to new ideas, that’s the best thing.”

EFI, which last year acquired Vutek, has been operating in India for last three years and has a research centre in Bangalore. India is the third biggest market for EFI and is growing at around 20 per cent a year.

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