‘Being cost-effective, OOH is poised to overtake other mediums’

‘Being cost-effective, OOH is poised to overtake other mediums’

Author | Sakshi Talwar | Thursday, Jan 27,2005 7:19 AM

‘Being cost-effective, OOH is poised to overtake other mediums’

As the advertising gurus often say, 50 per cent of advertising goes waste and there is no way of determining which 50 per cent it is. Advertising has evolved over the years; from print and television, the industry is fast tapping the outdoors medium.

Today, outdoors is not just about billboards and hoardings; it has reached much beyond with this segment experiencing constant innovation. Right from retail, road shows, outdoors, POS management, merchandising et al, Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising enjoys the advantage of cost effectiveness with increase in revenues.

“Compared to print and TV, outdoor is a cost effective medium with a clear target group. It is a very fast growing market and I think in the coming years outdoor will and should take over other mediums,” says Atul Rai, COO, Ads Advertising Pvt. Ltd. And, if one works in unison, consistency between TV and outdoor campaigns account for higher brand recall, he points out.

Rai adds, “Creatives in outdoor should be selective and with minimum written matter as in outdoor you get only 3 to 5 second of visibility in which you need to display your product, brand and some main features.”

Media planners have nightmares figuring out which channel to spend money on, what time slots, etc., whereas OOH makes the task easier by offering more choice, says Rai. Earlier they used to opt for outdoor advertising only when they had money to spare. “Today the scenario is different. With options like road shows, retail activities, and other outdoor mediums like public utilities and bus shelters, media planners have more alternatives to choose from,” he says.

Restriction on billboards by the government a few years ago triggered the growth of this segment with companies going in for innovation and creativity. With increasing prices for television and print advertising, OOH is likely to become the favourite bet of media planners in the near future.

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