Others Young Asians sing with Sonu Nigam, love their Nokia, Nike, Coke

Young Asians sing with Sonu Nigam, love their Nokia, Nike, Coke

Author | Source: The Economic Times | Thursday, Nov 09,2006 8:54 AM

Young Asians sing with Sonu Nigam, love their Nokia, Nike, Coke

Sonu Nigam is the new idol for Asians. Generation Y has voted the Indian crooner as the second most popular singer in the continent. Jackie Chan remains Asian youth's favourite icon.

The young Asians across China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, South Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand are also united in their preference for a McDonald's burger with Coke. They collectively aspire for Nike, Adidas or Reebok sports gear and are likely to spend hours sending SMSes via their Nokia handsets.

And for all their tech savvy, brand conscious brashness, the Generation Y in Asia still looks at family for true happiness and laughs with Tom & Jerry, says the second annual Synovate Young Asians survey.

The survey that probed the product ownership patterns, spending habits, favourite brands, idols and aspirations, of Asian youth, a large majority of the Asian young (66%) are students. Most of them believe that their academics are more for personal growth rather than career growth. They use technology to communicate extensively.

The average young Asian spends three hours instant messaging a day, one and half hours on emails and 1.4 hours participating in various online community activities. Two-thirds of young Asians aged 15 to 24 uses it on a daily basis.

The Indian youth is subtly different. A comparatively larger number in India perceive themselves as well informed, innovative and outgoing individuals. Unlike others in Asia, they liked television better than Internet. The idiot box rules their leisure time. Almost 90% of Generation Y in the country is hooked to it. Though a substantial majority still enjoys music and reading.

Few things rsemain unchanged. Cricket is still the hottest thing around for Indians and the top three sports idols are all cricketers. Bata is still popular as a shoe. Credit cards are avoided (only 17% had access to plastic money). Family is voted as the best emotional anchor and daddy still funds all the expensive buys. Amongst all Asian youth, the Indian child is most likely to get daddy to buy them a new Nokia phone.

About 58% of young Indians aged 8-24, highest in Asia, would ask for their parents help to finance an expensive purchase. And for all that outgoing confidence, the social life does not seem to be too happening. About half of the Indian youth still dance alone.

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