Others Yesudas: Insight is much more than a media planning & buying agency

Yesudas: Insight is much more than a media planning & buying agency

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Friday, Feb 06,2004 6:30 AM

Yesudas: Insight is much more than a media planning & buying agency

Insight officially came into existence in January 2004 – exchange4media broke the news. The celebrations are still under way with plans for a party on February 12.

S Yesudas, Head, Insight is emphatic in his belief that, “media specialists have the ability to lead the overall communication strategy due to the tools they have.” He gives the example of Insight’s first account – UTI Mutual Fund. The first anniversary ad of UTI, with a year-old baby crawling all across the pages of national newspapers was an idea led by Insight.

Says he, “The communication task was to spell out the fact that UTI MF has successfully completed a year and absolutely ready for tomorrow. The option given was a full-page announcement ad. We recommended a bit of tweaking in the creative and must say the creative agency was cooperative. It is a multimedia campaign where each medium is looked at in a unique manner, based on the task of captive communication.”

On another front, Insight has also unveiled software to evaluate investments on radio, called EAR (effective audience on radio). Says Yesudas, “It was unveiled internally yesterday evening and is now being rolled out to clients. The other focus for us at Insight would be to ensure that the efficiency and effectiveness of our clients communications investments are as measurable as possible. With this focus in mind, we would strive towards creating various tools and models. EAR is one such attempt.”

Explains Atraye Chakravorty, Media Manager, Insight, “With this tool, one can now provide an estimate of possible Reach %, GRP & Average Opportunity to Hear (AOTH). The software will also aid in scheduling and buying. EAR is based on the IRS and an in-house research, Initiative Radio Track.”

Adds Yesudas, “It is a pretty accurate tool – there might be 1-2% deviation. It would get even more robust when the next round of IRS data is out as it looks at FM far more closely. It is an effective tool for benchmarking, measuring, scheduling and buying.”

There are already 26 members in the Insight team, which is likely to be increased to 40. The plan is also to introduce number of other tools that would aid in micromanaging the campaigns. “We are showing the direction and vision in which the media companies are headed today,” he states.

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