Others Wishlist of a reporter for 2009

Wishlist of a reporter for 2009

Author | exchange4media News Service | Thursday, Jan 01,2009 8:22 AM

Wishlist of a reporter for 2009

Dear Diary,

Another year has ended and here I stand – the first day of a new year. There is a lot going on through my mind right now, like a fast-paced movie. I am very tempted to dwell on what all happened in 2008, but then that year is gone. Now is the time to look and plan ahead.

Like everyone, I, too, have drawn up a few resolutions and a wishlist. Well, resolutions are meant to be broken, but I sure hope my wishlist is fulfilled.

Top of my wishlist is a rapid growth of the online media (I am an online journalist after all). I wish that us web journalists are given our due recognition. While industry honchos readily speak with the print and broadcast media, for some reason the online media is last on their agenda, whereas it is one of the fastest growing media today.

Sometimes, approaching certain industry honchos and getting them to comment on a particular topic is more difficult than to get a sarkari babu to sign a document! I wish they were more forthcoming with their views and news instead of giving evasive answers – how often do we get to hear Mr So and So is at a meeting or Ms So and So is traveling or out of the country.

I wish my deadlines are respected too. We update our website daily, so can’t wait forever for some key inputs. It is so disheartening to lose out on an important developing report because the players concerned didn’t get back to us on time and our competitor beat us to the news. Like the broadcast media, we too want to be first to bring you the news and also be accurate at the same time. So, I wish for more cooperation from the industry.

I put my heart into every report that I file. I wish I get some honest feedback. It helps me immensely to become a better reporter and is a great motivating factor too.

On a personal note, I wish to manage my time better and work smarter.

And boss, a word of appreciation now and then is like manna to me. It helps me go that extra mile.

And above all, I wish for a safe, peaceful and more prosperous 2009 for everyone.

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