Others TV and Internet; brands try innovative media combinations

TV and Internet; brands try innovative media combinations

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Thursday, Jul 11,2002 9:42 AM

TV and Internet; brands try innovative media combinations

The advent of Internet brought in many an innovative advertising opportunity but with the medium still trying to prove its worth media planners have started to use it with a combination of other media.

Starcom Digital, the arm of one the largest media buying/planning outfits in India has developed a Buying and Strategic model called ‘Magnitube’ which helps in increasing the effectiveness of Internet using television. Says Madan Sanglekar of Starcom Digital, "This model is best suited for clients who don’t have a very big budget and hence cant afford to invest in all the media". This model is for the first time being experimented with an international innerwear brand called 'Chromosome'.

The concept behind Magnitube is to use one tube i.e. television to promote another one i.e. Internet. “What we have done with this specific case of chromosome is that have taken spots on programs aired on Zee English which we think are watched by the target audience of the brand. A contest will be promoted on air, which will invite users to go to the Internet site and participate. The site also showcases the different designs of the products, which would help increase awareness for the brand.” adds Sanglikar.

Developing further on this strategy of using two media as complement Yubaraj Bhattacharya, Group Account Director, Leo Burnett, says, "There are two reason for implementing this strategy. Firstly, an adequate print coverage would cost lot of money, which clients are looking to save today. And second, we wanted to experiment with a new media combo that intuitively made sense and in this case the figures backed our intuition".

To add on to this, Yubaraj says, “ Internet is a growing medium in India and around 85% of SEC A segment use Internet. So, for a brand having low budgets, targeting an upmarket audience, Internet would be the best alternative. Internet being interactive in nature also helps in finding the number of responses, which is not possible in any other medium.” Madan feels anything close to 20,000 responses for the contest would be a great achievement as these respondents are the potential customers for the brand.

This approach is not entirely new though. Starcom Digital had tried a similar strategy for Fiat Palio but with a difference. Madan elaborates the out of the track approach that was implemented there. "We played the television ad of Fiat Palio on Internet Dialers. From our experience in Internet we have seen that a person when connects using dialers, spends close to 15-20 secs looking at the screen. So, we placed the ad between the time the dialing and connection time. One can easily run a 10 seconder or15 seconder ad during that gap. As, Fiat Palio is an expensive product, the audience also was SEC A, which matched perfectly with the Internet users profile.”

Commenting at the experimentation carried out by agencies for their clients, Yubaraj says, "One should be open enough to recognize and adopt an idea. Sometimes one needs to back a hunch and see it come true." This approach is certainly the need of the day in our industry.

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