Others TNS Media Intelligence acquires Cymfony

TNS Media Intelligence acquires Cymfony

Author | exchange4media News Service | Wednesday, Feb 28,2007 8:07 AM

TNS Media Intelligence acquires Cymfony

TNS Media Intelligence, a leading provider of strategic advertising information, has acquired Cymfony, a top market influence analytics company. The new TNS Media Intelligence unit will be known as TNS Media Intelligence/Cymfony.

The acquisition integrates Cymfony’s expertise in tracking and analysing the intersection of traditional and social media, such as blogs and social networks, with TNS MI’s current extensive suite of advertising intelligence products.

Furthermore, the acquisition establishes TNS MI as the only media intelligence company that can provide marketers with greater visibility into the most important influences shaping consumers’ purchase decisions, including advertising, public relations and social media, through advanced analytics and proprietary data.

“The industry is currently undergoing a dramatic transformation from analogue to digital platforms, which has created a tremendous challenge and opportunity for us to provide our clients with greater insight and intelligence into the entire media universe. Combining Cymfony’s advanced technology and position as a leader in the analysis of both social and traditional media with TNS MI’s expertise in competitive advertising intelligence brings marketers closer to today’s newly empowered consumer, enabling them to make smarter and faster decisions in this rapidly changing marketing environment,” said TNS Media Intelligence President and CEO Steven Fredericks.

“This move is another step toward satisfying our goal for TNS MI worldwide to provide the widest possible coverage of the media, in all its forms. As Cymfony is a recognised market leader in the US, this acquisition will not only benefit our media intelligence clients internationally, but also has the potential to be used in other TNS business units across our network,” said TNS Media Intelligence Worldwide President and CEO Jean-Michel Portier.

Based in Boston, Cymfony is one of the innovators in combining traditional and social media research and analysis, helping organisations extract insights into consumer behaviours and emerging market trends by monitoring, measuring and analysing consumer-generated and traditional media.

Cymfony CEO Andrew Bernstein said, “As a part of TNS MI, Cymfony gains tremendous advantages to extend its position as a leader by rapidly growing its client base, expanding the offerings and jointly creating and delivering new products. We are now connecting the dots between all media. As marketers increase their activities in the emerging social media channel, they will have an integrated partner to turn to for guidance and insight analysed within the context of the entire marketing landscape with TNS MI.”

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