Others TNS launches book on public opinion polling

TNS launches book on public opinion polling

Author | exchange4media News Service | Friday, Apr 25,2008 8:11 AM

TNS launches book on public opinion polling

TNS, a world leader in market insight and information, has launched a book entitled ‘Public Opinion Polling in a Globalised World’. Written by leading political and social research experts across the TNS global network, the book explores the importance of public opinion and social research in informing governments and policy makers in modern democracies and across globalised economies.

Based on studies from more than 50 countries across the world, the book reveals a rare international perspective on public opinion polling and social research issues that are key to political decision makers, development strategists and managers.

Aimed at professionals who focus on public opinion in marketing, sociology and political science, over 15 authors have contributed to the book. Among them is, Tony Cowling, President of TNS and holder of the gold MRS award.

Leendert De Voogd, Global Head of TNS’ Political and Social Sector, said, “I am very proud of TNS’ achievement in publishing this book, which provides valuable insight into how people around the globe are addressing the challenges, uncertainties and threats generated by the globalisation of trade and exchange. It clearly demonstrates TNS’ ability, as the world’s leading provider of political and social research, to analyse and add value to international political issues, which ultimately would help political decision makers take more effective actions.”

Releasing the book in India, Tilak Mukherji, Executive Director, TNS India, said, “In a country like India, inhabited by more than one billion people with rich socio economic and cultural diversity, social research plays a crucial role as the issues that need to be addressed and strategies that need to be worked out vary from state to state and even within a state. In view of this diversity across India, national studies covering many of the Indian states with a robust scientific research design hold the key for improving the status leading to transition. The issues covered include socio-economic development, population, health and nutrition, environmental protection, etc.”

The book contains more than 15 global case studies from India, New Zealand, France, Philippines, Norway, the UK, France and Germany, among others. Topics include ‘The Presidential Elections in France 2007 - The Role of Opinion Polls’; ‘Latin America’s Mixed Views about Globalisation’; ‘Investments and the United States’; ‘Transatlantic Trends: Convergences and Divergences’; and ‘The School Sports Partnership Programme in England’, among others.

Dr UV Somayajulu, Vice President and Head, Social Research, TNS India, said, “The case studies from the developing world provide insights into the way the research on developmental issues such as health, nutrition, HIV/AIDS, rural development, etc., influence policy making, programme design as well implementation. The case studies from India clearly demonstrate the role played by the Social Research Unit of TNS India as the ‘Voice of the People’ in India. The absence of reliable official statistics (with the decadal Census being an exception) makes the role of social research in a democratic country like India more important so as to get an understanding of the status and issues during the intra-Censual period.”

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