Others TNS announces strategic alliance with Intellidyn for ‘customer intelligence’

TNS announces strategic alliance with Intellidyn for ‘customer intelligence’

Author | exchange4media News Service | Tuesday, Nov 20,2007 6:09 AM

TNS announces strategic alliance with Intellidyn for ‘customer intelligence’

TNS, the global market insight and information group, has announced a strategic alliance with Intellidyn, a US database marketing and analytic services company focused in the financial services sector. This alliance gives TNS a strong position in ‘customer intelligence’, which is a growing market information sector that blends demographic and financial data with behavioural and attitudinal research, to provide clients with deeper insights into consumer behaviour and identify profitable new customer opportunities.

By merging its data resources and market research strengths with Intellidyn’s database marketing and analytic expertise, TNS intends to create a new global practice entitled ‘TNS Customer Intelligence Consulting’, which will provide added insight to financial services clients, helping them streamline their customer acquisition, cross-selling and retention programmes. TNS also aims to extend its customer intelligence-consulting model into the retail and telecom sectors.

Headquartered in Massachusetts, Intellidyn has compiled a comprehensive and up-to-date transaction, financial, demographic and behavioural database in the US. It has created a new platform to provide clients with access to detailed data across the US, combined with advanced analytics. This approach delivers new, fact-based marketing programmes that have achieved increased returns on investment.

Dave Moxley, MD, TNS Customer Intelligence Consulting, said, “This alliance with Intellidyn gives us an excellent foundation for a new global practice in customer intelligence. Clients want us to help them be more successful through analysis of the information we gather, and this strategic alliance significantly enhances our ability to deliver actionable insights.”

“Intellidyn has a reputation for solving problems and identifying market opportunities for financial services clients in North America. By combining our expertise and data with those of Intellidyn, we will be able to offer a valuable consultancy service and make even more powerful recommendations. We aim to build a global customer intelligence capability around this alliance, focusing first on Intellidyn’s expertise in finance, and then moving on to other growth sectors,” added Moxley.

Peter Harvey, CEO and President, Intellidyn, said, “Intellidyn’s data resources include demographic and financial information, while TNS specialises in behavioural and attitudinal data. Working together, we can combine all of these sources of data to bring greater added value for clients and we can extend our model to other industry sectors on a global basis. Our association with TNS adds immense value to our ability to bring fact-based strategies to more industries, and play a direct role in creating direct-to-consumer campaigns for a wider client group.”

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