Others The Media Edge places all events of 2005 in 'Media Calendar'

The Media Edge places all events of 2005 in 'Media Calendar'

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Tuesday, Mar 29,2005 7:46 AM

The Media Edge places all events of 2005 in 'Media Calendar'

The Media Edge has taken an initiative for its clients wherein the agency has compiled all the events of 2005 to create a one-point reference for the different opportunities that clients have to make relevant noise in specific markets. The initiative is called Media Calendar (Jan-Dec 2005), which also has the Indian 'Media Landscape'.

Sharing on the reasons behind bringing such an initiative, Anupriya Acharya, President, The Media Edge, said, "Every time an annual plan has to be made for the client. The various events of the year are looked into and strategic decisions based on these on where to invest and associate are taken. In any case, we compile all these events. What we have done now is just made it official."

Divya Radhakrishnan, Vice President, The Media Edge said, "How it works is that you can first identify the event and the market, based on the marketing objective. Then we have also placed in the media landscape, which allows the clients to see the demographics of the relevant area and what is the best medium to be present there."

The Media Landscape encompasses Socio-Cultural Regions (SCRs) and the data that the Calendar and Landscape have is based on multiple sources like IRS, Census etc. "A nationwide plan has become redundant today. You need to get specific to markets and this initiative helps you in doing exactly that," said Acharya

What the agency has also done is placed descriptors with the data, where in the calendar points out relevant facts around various events. In case of Pongal, the special programming that SUN TV did increased TRPs but at the time of Ganpati the ratings go down and on-ground becomes more important.

"This is the information that people are looking for and we have brought it all together in one CD," said Radhakrishnan, "where on hand it helps people who are looking for the data, on the other hand, it also can generate opportunities for clients, when they can look at all the event at one go." The agency has sent across the information to key publications, channels and all its clients.

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