Others Synovate launches customer experience practice to engage meaningfully with customers

Synovate launches customer experience practice to engage meaningfully with customers

Author | exchange4media News Service | Friday, Jun 13,2008 8:01 AM

Synovate launches customer experience practice to engage meaningfully with customers

Global market research company Synovate has launched its customer experience practice, which would partner with companies aiming to develop more profitable relationships with customers. Synovate Customer Experience includes the company’s capabilities in a number of areas like customer loyalty and employee engagement, performance tracking, mystery shopping, footfall and shopper behaviour analysis, automated collection of customer feedback, and customer experience management consulting.

Two new offerings are leading the rollout of products and services under the Experience Management, or ExM, portfolio, which represents more than 20 years of expertise in this space. ExM Customer takes a 360-degree view of the total customer experience to identify and prioritise the specific areas that drive customer loyalty and ultimately affect a brand’s profitability. The other new product is ExM Tracker, a dynamic and cost-effective platform for tracking day-to-day customer contact performance in real-time.

Brent Stewart, Executive Sponsor of Synovate Customer Experience, said, “Our clients’ needs can generally be classified as one of the following: Build powerful brands that command a premium in the marketplace, create and market products that sell, and develop profitable relationships with customers. These are the very same needs that Synovate’s practice capabilities – Brand & Communications, MarketQuest, product development and design and customer experience – are designed to meet.”

Stewart added that the interaction between these three dimensions largely accounted for the value proposition offered by all businesses. “Consumers have an expectation of brands that is typically formed by communications, usage or some other experience. Using the product or service either meets this expectation or does not, resulting in a degree of satisfaction. This is then reinforced – or diluted – by the range of customer experiences that accompany the product: in-store, sales person, service, and more. Synovate’s value proposition is our ability to positively influence these three dimensions through our related capabilities, which can be applied individually or as an integrated Approach,” Stewart further said.

According to Larry Crosby, Chief Loyalty Architect of the new practice, clients were increasingly looking for a more complete understanding of how they engaged meaningfully with customers. “Synovate is uniquely placed to provide powerful insight and understanding into the many and varied touch points that shape how customers engage with brands, products and services in the market. Our vision is to be the undisputed global leader in customer experience measurement and management,” he added.

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