Others Starcom MediaVest launches lifestyle marketing and communications unit – ‘C’

Starcom MediaVest launches lifestyle marketing and communications unit – ‘C’

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Wednesday, Jan 24,2007 8:18 AM

Starcom MediaVest launches lifestyle marketing and communications unit – ‘C’

Starcom MediaVest Group has launched their first ever sector vertical consulting unit, curiously named ‘C’, for lifestyle marketing and communications. Anjana Sharma will be heading the unit as Managing Consultant. The unit aims to provide strategy and counsel to marketers and brands in the lifestyle sector on the process of communicating with an elusive group of customers and build engaging connections with them.

“On one hand, Indians are getting richer, younger, and on the other, they are no longer shy of spending on themselves,” pointed out Ravi Kiran, CEO-South Asia, Starcom MediaVest Group. Elaborating on this new specialist solutions unit, Kiran said, “This trend has been noticed by many international lifestyle companies, several dozen of which have set up operations in India and many more are on their way. Simultaneously, many Indian brands are attempting to establish a strong presence in the sector. We see a significant opportunity in providing marketing and communication consulting service to these brands, through our dedicated sector vertical – ‘C’.”

Sharma, who joined Starcom in August 2006 specifically for this unit, said, “We are launching ‘C’ on the triple platforms of Knowledge, Assets and Activation. Because this is a market first, we have been putting the pieces together for five months, and now we have a ready-to-go product that we are proud of.”

The new unit will operate through the spectrum of lifestyle sub-segments – from premium and prestige to luxury and indulgence. The launch also saw the unveiling of Top DrawerSM, a research conducted amongst 43 C-Suite customers in Mumbai and Delhi, with the objectives of segmentation analysis, understanding purchase and recommendation behaviour, media consumption behaviour and opportunity exploration.

Moreover, this special unit will be guided by an expert advisory board comprising recognised trend spotters and lifestyle domain specialists and will be called the ‘India Lifestyle Forum’. This board of six domain experts will guide ‘C’ in trend spotting, EdgeTestingSM of lifestyle products, marketing and new idea incubation and activation. Along with this, ‘C’ is also setting up a panel of 60 members across six cities, which will broadly test lifestyle and luxury products and services and provide feedback to marketers.

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