Others Spatial Access launches Media Performance Monitor

Spatial Access launches Media Performance Monitor

Author | exchange4media News Service | Monday, Sep 18,2006 8:36 AM

Spatial Access launches Media Performance Monitor

Spatial Access Media Solutions has launched Media Performance Monitor (MPM), a subscription based monthly tracking service that helps Indian marketers and advertisers access an independent assessment of the performance of their media plan. It is an objective unbiased review on key parameters across priority markets, for the television and print medium.

The MPM service is based on a unique proprietary process that analyses universally available industry data through the use of proprietary software developed by Spatial Access to extract meaningful and actionable insights. The focus is on measuring value and not just cost, therefore, MPM does not look at media cost data and does not provide cost comparisons or benchmarks.

Elaborating on the effectiveness of the product, Meenakshi Madhvani, Managing Partner, Spatial Access Media Solutions, said, “MPM seeks to provide corporates with an independent, objective and scientific tool to understand and evaluate the actual performance of their marketing and media plans. It will thus enable them to undertake course correction measures to maximise the impact of their marketing strategies. The secret of a good media plan is really not how cheaply you buy, but how much value it delivers in terms of effectiveness and efficiency.”

MPM evaluates media performance based on an extensive audit across key dimensions desired for any marketing initiative – Market Track, Competition Track and Spot Quality Track.

Market Track assesses the media plan’s performance on key parameters such as reach profiles, frequency distribution, GRP contribution to frequency and reach, and the weekly GRPs delivered by the campaign across the channels that constitute the plan.

The second dimension, Competition Track, is an insightful report that measures the quantum of a brands’ media investment that was lost due to competitive pressure. This provides the advertiser the option of reducing competitive overlap or even making the most of it by devising counter-marketing strategies.

The third dimension is Spot Quality Track, which enables the advertiser to assess which media vehicles are being used optimally by the media plan and which can be improved upon. This helps advertisers better the quality of their media buys.

Madhvani added, “Solutions like MPM are commonly used internationally to evaluate media spends and we are happy to bring the best global practices to Indian marketers and advertisers. I am confident of its success and hope that this truly effective and valuable solution becomes a benchmark for gauging marketing and media effectiveness in India.”

The best part about the MPM service is that advertisers do not need to share confidential data. All they need to share is the target audience definition so as to analyse deliveries in the identified target. This is also reassuring to media agencies who believe that the rates they acquire for their clients are a function of their own buying clout and negotiation skills.

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