Others Sony most high-profile brand in Asia, reveals ‘Media’ survey

Sony most high-profile brand in Asia, reveals ‘Media’ survey

Author | Pritie S Jadhav | Friday, Aug 26,2005 8:30 AM

Sony most high-profile brand in Asia, reveals ‘Media’ survey

In a survey commissioned by Asian Integrated Media and conducted by Synovate, Sony has been named as the top brand in Asia. In addition, two of the top three rankings and nearly half of the top 20 slots in the survey, which is in its second year, have been captured by Asian brands.

The survey, titled ‘Top 1000 Brands in Asia’, will be published on Friday by ‘Media’, which is one of Asia’s leading advertising, marketing and media publications.

Sony was identified as the most high-profile brand in Asia with 77 per cent market recognition by consumers across China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand. Nokia and Panasonic followed closely with 74 per cent and 70 per cent market recognition, respectively. Sony and Nokia were named the top two brands in a similar survey last year.

According to the survey, Asian brands such as Toyota, Honda and Samsung occupied nearly half of the top 20 slots ranking alongside well-known Western names as Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Marlboro, BMW and Nike.

“Following the overwhelming response from last year, ‘Media’ is proud to publish the results of this survey for the second consecutive year,” said Tim Waldron, Managing Director, Haymarket Media Ltd, publisher of ‘Media’.

“Not only does the survey act as a brand monitor for this region, the analysis would be useful for marketers to gauge the brand landscape in Asia, enabling them to plan marketing strategies to showcase their company’s products and services more effectively,” he added.

Synovate undertook a survey of 4,250 individual consumers across eight Asian markets. The survey interviewed 750 consumers in China and 500 in each of Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and the Philippines.

The survey covered 15 major product and service categories: alcohol, financial services, automotive, camera and electronic goods, clothing/fashion, toiletries/cosmetics, health, business equipment services, telecommunications, property, travel, food and beverage, sports/hobbies/toys, baby products and household products.

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