Others Shoppers' Stop to study mind of its shoppers

Shoppers' Stop to study mind of its shoppers

Author | exchange4media News Service | Tuesday, Apr 30,2002 8:26 AM

Shoppers' Stop to study mind of its shoppers

In a bid to unravel the minds and moods of its consumers, Shoppers' Stop has undertaken a study to invade the mind space of its shoppers.

Its latest campaign released through Contract Advertising is based on an internal market research study across all its stores through a dipstick study provided by ORG-MARG.

After segmenting its shoppers into four different slots (the convenience shopper, the value shopper, the image shopper and the experience shopper), the chain has focused on the different moods of its shoppers as they enter the store.

According to the study undertaken by the retail chain, the moods could be several. A person could be in the `power mood' or the `relaxed mood' or the `action mood' or the `traditional mood' or the `romantic mood' or the `party mood'.

The power mood could be typical of one who is dynamic, efficient, brisk, focused and driven by results. Typically, he could be someone owning laptops, cell-phones, digital diaries, leather briefcases, credit cards and the like.

Following this brief, Contract has developed an advertisement targeting this particular individual. The copy reads: `If you'd followed your childhood dream of being a pilot, then you could have worn the same thing everyday. But you didn't.'

This message is followed by a mention of the offerings at the stores - formal shirts, blazers, watches and leather satchels, claiming, "We've got everything you need to get dressed for a day at work. At prices that make good business sense."

In its research across at its stores, Shoppers' Stop has also matched each need-based profile to certain demographic profiles based on sex, age and marital status. It has arrived at the following types: Convenience Dad, Convenience Mom, Bachelor Convenience, Miss Convenience, Value Mom, Value Dad, Miss Value, Bachelor Image, Miss Image, Teeny Bopper Image, Experience Mom, Experience Dad, Teeny Bopper Experience.

Without changing its baseline (`Feel the experience while you shop'), the purpose is to have new communication, which links merchandise with the mood of the customer. In the past, Shoppers' Stop has based its campaigns on themes such as open spaces and international experiences.

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