Others Second TAM MICA workshop focuses on channel programming

Second TAM MICA workshop focuses on channel programming

Author | Ritu Midha | Monday, Oct 14,2002 8:28 AM

Second TAM MICA workshop focuses on channel programming

The second workshop of ongoing TAM MICA media seminar was conducted at World Trade Center, Mumbai last Saturday. This session catered to programmers and the topic was 'Channel Programming'. The speakers for the day were Piyush Chakraborty of National Geographic, Sunil Lulla of Sony Entertainment and LV Krishanan and Atul Phadnis of TAM. Participants in the seminars included people from Sony, Mindshare, Madison, UTV and Turner.

Piyush Chakraborty, the first speaker of the day focused on the distribution problems faced by the channels. He stated that it was important to be placed on the right band to get maximum reach. He drew attention to rampant under-declaration on the cable operator end. He propagated rural schemes, relationship marketing and incentifying better declaration to overcome this problem. Discussing CAS in detail, he said that though initially broadcasters might lose out on numbers, it would, at a later stage, prove beneficial as it would provide sharper viewer profile and transparency in numbers. It would also provide larger potential for unique content channels.

Sunil Lulla gave the audience a peep into the insight that go into making of a successful TV programme. He stated that women are the main target group for most TV shows and for them TV viewing is a break from tensions and routines. Hence, it is very important to suspend reality for some time. With the aid of research figures, he substantiated that though women watch TV at different time bands, they get an ownership of what the household will watch at 8 pm or beyond. He stated that 80% women watch serials, movie trailers, thrillers, action, comedies and home-shows, and in contrast to the common belief only 1% women watch women oriented programmes, children programmes, devotional and cooking shows. He said that while making a programme for women we should create programmes that make them feel good, and also focus on characters and execution style.

LV Krishnan's presentation was focused on building television brands. His comparison between a programme and a brand life cycle brought similarity between the two to forefront. He said that it was very important to consider who we are making the programme for and what response we are seeking. He also stated that keeping a watch on competition and time period to launch a programme are also very important. He talked of a few commandments to make a channel or a programme work and these included getting the distribution right, focusing on right people, capitalizing on competitors' ebbs, attention to changing environment and opportunities on weekends.

Last speaker of the day was Atul Phadnis. He began his presentation with increasing choices available to audience and media planners. He said that there were 1.2 million choices available to media planner even if he looked at only 25 channels out of 184 being aired. One of the interesting points he discussed was the importance of the right promo both in terms of reach and content to get the audience to a programme. With the assistance of case studies, he elaborated that mass media prime time viewing is still by appointment and percentage of people coming to watch these programmes after seeing ads in other media was less than 5% of total viewers.

Last workshop of this TAM MICA seminar would take place this Friday and Saturday. Venue remains the same.

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