Others Rural audience aspiring for urban lifestyle: AAR Findings

Rural audience aspiring for urban lifestyle: AAR Findings

Author | exchange4media News Service | Tuesday, May 21,2002 9:23 AM

Rural audience aspiring for urban lifestyle: AAR Findings

The typical desi messages and visuals of families donning turbans and traditional wardrobes have been the marketeers mode to communicate brands at the rural end. But chic western ads and banners with glittering urban visuals, will now be the new route to brand communication to the rural audience from the progressive northern and southern belts. This is the finding that the US-based Agency for Rural Research (ARR) has thrown up.

According to the report, the new aspirational change in the rural consumers of these states has been fuelled mainly due to the accessibility to quality education, enhanced standard of living due to migration to countries abroad and the explosion of the international satellite channels. All consumer goods luxury brands and automobile brands will have to depict such lifestyle that represents the life led by an upwardly mobile families from urban India.

According to findings, the audience from rural belts are mostly conversant with the English language and there is a growing demand to replicate the urban way of living. For the rural masses the desire now is to look at brand messages that communicate the new range of ambitions and expectations.

According to the study, certain base level consumer demands will remain unchanged. The rural consumer will still be price sensitive and look at durability and value for money for the brands they shop rather than off-shore labels.

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