Others Reporter's Diary: Mumbaaiii !

Reporter's Diary: Mumbaaiii !

Author | Abhinav Trivedi | Saturday, Jun 22,2013 9:31 AM

Reporter's Diary: Mumbaaiii !

Prior coming to this city, I admit, the human in me hated Mumbai. I never wanted to come to this city, which presumably is filled with people who don’t even realise that they are humans! One would find more of machines, who have been doing the same kind of work for the last 20 years and still counting. Life is fast, ruthless and content is enveloped by glamour.

When I came here, I discovered I was horrendously wrong. I now proclaim that every youngster in India should spend at least a year of his life in Mumbai. Mumbai offers you the realities of life, which no other city in India does. As you move across the streets, you observe people in all spheres of life, exposing you to the paradigms of life. A young boy who never travels below his BMW/ Mercedes and wastes food because he apparently hates the “taste”, is seen by a man sitting outside a church who has not eaten proper food for the last 3-4 days. The local trains, which are called the lifeline of the city, make you greet and converse with people you never knew and might never see them again in the future.

The huge crowd at train stations, which scares you in the beginning, becomes your happy companion with time. From people talking about dreams, careers and “value of lives” to another set that talks about how to sustain a living. Every morning offers you a sight where you see people going to work, which ultimately pushes you out of your comfort zone. And a voice from within says, “Off you pop, go and work”. Trust me, you would hate sitting ideal here.

Mumbai is ruthless and grinds you because it teaches you the practical ends of life. And practical has to be real. If consumed in the right approach, the serene aura of Mumbai makes you mature, realistic and fast - an individual with global exposure, but his feet firmly on the ground, because he knows that the “local train of life” is volatile and would leave you if you don’t embrace change and move on.

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