Others Reporter's Diary: Impossible is nothing

Reporter's Diary: Impossible is nothing

Author | Priyanka Nair | Saturday, Jan 21,2012 8:04 AM

Reporter's Diary: Impossible is nothing

A photo blogger friend of mine often keeps telling me, “We all need some inspiration at some point of our life.” I didn’t really believe in it, considering the fact that I am quite a self-inspired person, but Homai Vyarawalla, who left us recently, is the inspiration that even the idea of inspiration will gets inspired from.

Looking back, she was grace personified. She wasn’t a megalomaniac. She didn’t believe in giving ‘gyan’ on digitalisation, made photography every man’s – and also every woman’s – “new hobby”. She started clicking at a time when women may have seldom stepped out of home. Truly she was ahead of her times. It is then that happy realisation clicked and I realised what inspiration means and how important it is to have people like Vyarawalla to look up to when we are hit by hard times.

I work with a bunch of some of the best editorial resources who write on the business of media in the country. I must admit, looking at the rich content that we generate, I always felt the need to be noticed; well, in the last two weeks I could source some really good exclusive content, as we call in our journalism lingo, and got my share of some good reports too. I think I was wrong when I said I am self-inspired.

Just like for superstar Rajinikanth, nothing is impossible. That’s probably the reason why a website dedicated to the cult figure does not even need an Internet connection to browse through it. I too have got my lessons to get inspired and look around beyond self. After this, I am surely going to tell my photo blogger friend, “Happy realisation has struck me and I have got inspired too!”

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