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Others Reporter's Diary: 5 reasons why you should date a journalist

Reporter's Diary: 5 reasons why you should date a journalist

Author | Abid Hasan | Saturday, Jul 13,2013 9:59 AM

Reporter's Diary: 5 reasons why you should date a journalist

Last year, there was a report in The Times of India that stated that one should never go out on a date with certain kind of professionals and journalists are one of them. That set me thinking – do journalists really make terrible dates? Are the prospects of finding the special one really so minimal for a journalist?

Media is considered the Fourth Estate, an important factor in making the public aware of the developments around them, keeping corrupt officials and politicians on their toes, highlighting all that is bad and good in the society, and as in the case of the Uttarakhand devastation, reporting from ground zero under trying circumstances and often being a bridge between those affected and their loved ones.

I believe we journalists play a very important role in the society, but that we are not good enough for a date… I find that incredulous.

So, here are some compelling reasons why I think we journalists make better dates than most…

We journalists never forget anything – dates, names, phone numbers, email IDs, yes, anniversaries and birthdays too, and even Twitter handles. Remembering such details is second nature to us.

The ‘contacts’ that we build up in the course of our career are enviable. We can tap these contacts, though we try not to take undue advantage.

And we have special invites to the most sought after events in town – be it an exclusive movie premier or a music concert or the inauguration of the hottest club – you can be sure to have a lot of privileges there. 

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