Others Reporter’s Diary: vIRuS in the mail

Reporter’s Diary: vIRuS in the mail

Author | Nitin Pandey | Saturday, Mar 19,2011 8:08 AM

Reporter’s Diary: vIRuS in the mail

It was an unexpected mail that morning and the entire office routine for me has changed since then. The mail contained the IRS 2010 Q4 results. As results were not expected to be released this week, it took me sometime to realise that the mail is real and authentic.

I had a cursory view of the data and found no big changes. But suddenly, I realised that it was the Q4 results of IRS and the very first time after IRS went quarterly the all four quarter numbers were with us now. Hence, we decided to put up quarter to quarter analysis on the exchange4media website for comprehensive understanding of changing trends.

However, initially we reported with the comparison of Q3 and Q4 results. But Delhi and Mumbai bureau was set with the all quarters’ data analysis for Tuesday (the next morning).

As per the analysis, the Hindi dailies genre began the year with an average issue readership (AIR) of 586.98 lakh in Q1, which grew to 626.94 lakh in Q4. Hindi dailies added 40 lakh readers in the year.

Q4 results brought cheers to the English daily genre too. Showing growth from an AIR (average issue readership) of 171.23 lakh in Q3 to an AIR of 174.02 lakh in Q4, the year 2010 has proven to be upbeat for English daily publications in the country.

Meanwhile, negative growth has continued to plague the magazine industry in India. Barring Paratiyogita Darpan, most of the dailies have seen decline in readership in the quarter to quarter results of IRS.

However, still a lot of in-depth analysis of IRS is left. And as I am writing this piece, I have to file five more reports for Monday on IRS. Apart from the analysis of numbers, exchange4media will also bring industry points of view on the IRS and advantages/ disadvantages of it going quarterly. We will also bring case studies of some successful publications of the country next week.

Till then, happy reading…


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