Others Reporter’s Diary: There has to be a purpose

Reporter’s Diary: There has to be a purpose

Author | Abhinav Trivedi | Saturday, May 04,2013 7:39 PM

Reporter’s Diary: There has to be a purpose

I have never treated my life and work separately. There is only life and one has to choose his work in life. Some do it for making a living in the society, some do it for fun with an objective to make a change in the society. I chose the latter. A mechanical engineer by education, I am working as a media correspondent. To be frank and fair, I am here because of my passion. I am a rebel who works best when he is free and does what he likes! Media is a passion for me.

What has driven me till now is a purpose. I believe that what makes one’s life meaningful is a purpose. Purpose can make you quit your comfort zone. If I am not able to define my objective in life, I believe that I am wasting my time.

I used to work in Delhi as a business correspondent with a monthly magazine prior to joining exchange4media. Moving from Delhi to Mumbai itself was a significant transition for me. This city pushes me out of my comfort zone every moment, something which I missed in Delhi.

Thankfully at exchange4media, I have a team which shares my passion for media and quest for knowledge. In order to achieve rational goals in life, a big thinking has to be backed by perseverance, which I find constantly in my colleagues. Here, I like writing on, analysing and forecasting the future of media.

It has been only three months since I have joined exchange4media, and I feel good. I get a good night’s sleep because I am happy with what I am doing. Apart from this, I have a team which backs me, thrashes me, appreciates me and encourages me to excel. Learning has, therefore, come in handy here.

But yes, I miss the silence around my workstation because when you have only ladies around, silence is the last thing you expect! And of course, I have got an AC above my head, which loves me so much and cools me to such an extent that I start shivering while others complain, “AC ko kya hua hai”!

I hope to keep working better each day and push myself to the limits, which I have always tried. Explicitly fighting with my weaknesses, I aim to serve the purpose which I aspire: Use media to make a change! And with exchange4media I feel I am on the right track.

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